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Why Self-Publishing is blissful Freedom

When it was announced that Kindle would be launching their new product, the Kindle Fire, the possibility of publishing a picture book with digital illustrations in colour, the world turned.  Now I could be in control of my own destiny but I would have to make sure that my efforts were the best I could possibly do.  I did a lot of research, asked people to give their opinions and redid my stories over and over again.

Self-publishing is the biggest gamble of my life but I feel much more confident compared to the time when the only option was to send in work to publishers and be at their mercy.

Have a look at the Kindle self-published picture books and think about your own work, can you do it?  I’m sure you can.

This article is about selling books for adults and what got me hooked!

Amazon Kindle has been amazingly helpful.  They treat you very well and give you exactly the information you need (make sure you research your questions first) and they give reliable answers.  Customer service is excellent and they respond within 24 hours.

Amazon Kindle – how to self-publish

The world of published authors can be quite a snobbish one.  I don’t really like this and it makes me feel very insecure about my own work.  The way some people speak can be self-important and a little overwhelming.  Sending in postcards to publishing houses is expensive, time-consuming, makes you fret and gives a feeling of inadequacy.  Everything seemed so negative and untouchable as if the surface couldn’t be broken.  Dreams would remain dreams, unfulfilled and rejected.  I sound pessimistic but these are my real feelings.

At one SCBWI conference a picture editor from New York who gave a talk said, ‘… don’t worry if we don’t get back to you, we really enjoy getting your pretty postcards and putting them up on the wall.  Keep sending them in!’  That was such a heartbreaking, unnecessary and demoralising comment to make that I prayed one day authors and illustrators could somehow bypass these dreadful types of publishing houses.  For all the hard work that people put into writing and illustrating, this was a rejection that was dumbfounding!  Luckily my prayers came true.

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